Do I need a Toner?

Do I need a Toner? Absolutely yes …though not a toner, but absolutely an Organic Face Mist. This step in your skincare routine, for only a few minutes in your day, and being a very nice few minutes will change your skin.

An Organic Mist’s role is multi-purpose:
1. Will ensure you have thoroughly removed all the traces of your cleanser. You must have thoroughly removed all traces of your cleanser before you apply your moisturiser.
2. Prepares your skin for your moisture routine – the more hydrated your skin the better your moisturising creams and oils will absorb.
3. Treats specific skin concerns, eg redness, breakouts.
4. Quickly cools and clams the skin (& mind ) after exercising, a hot flush, or an emotional surge.
5. Provides the perfect mild morning cleanse to gently remove nighttime dust, traces of natural oil and replace your nighttime moisture loss.
6. Set your make-up with a dewy glow and hold it in place. Spray from an arm’s length away for a light mist.
7. Spritz bed hair to quickly get it back into place or spray your dehydrated ends to rehydrate. Your skin and hair are made from the same substance
8. Long haul plane travel or when you are confined in air conditioning.
A mist is made from the steam distillation process when plant materials are being made into essential oils. This pure natural water contains the same chemical constituents as the essential oils but in a milder version. This mixture of oil and water enables the mist the mild cleansing properties and penetrating hydration to the skin. Unlike toners that are typically astringent based and stung and stripped our skins as teenagers.
Choose your best match:
Hydrating Organic Rose Mist   Suited to All skin types, especially dry or skins that go pink easily.
Balancing Organic Lavender Mist  Suited to Oily skins that have open pores and are prone to breakouts. Perfect for teenage skins who are experiencing hormonal surges and are beginning a skincare routine.Brunettes if using in hair for a deep shine
Soothing Organic Chamomile Mist  Suited to Sensitive, allergic, or eczema-prone skins. Blondes if using in hair for hydration and sheen.

To use daily,
Working from one side of your face to the other, spray your face, neck and decollete ensuring you completely wet your skin. Using a makeup pad or cotton ball, gently wipe your face – starting in the middle and traveling outwards. Do one side of the face then the other. Move in a downward direction when wiping over the neck and outwards over your décolletage.

For evening use, apply after cleansing and follow your nighttime moisturising routine.

For morning use, apply for a mild cleanse and follow your daytime moisture routine.

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