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Hydrating Organic Rose Mist


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What is it?

Derived from delicate rose petals, this hydrating mist will help strengthen capillaries and nurture all skin types leaving it feeling supple and soft. The Organic Hydrating Rose Mist detoxifies and restores your skin’s natural pH, perfect for awakening skin early morning or boosting it with purifying botanicals at night. Replace your toner with this calming mist to feed your skin the organic care it deserves.

perfect for

All skin types, especially dry or red prone skins.


Aqueous distillate of organic rose petals.

Handmade in Australia. Not tested on animals.
Watch this video to learn how to use our Mist for your best results "Do I need to use a Mist?"

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Customer Testimonials

“Love using the Rose Floral Extract, my skin appreciates the gentle soothing effect.”

Margaret Jones
how to use
Working from one side of your face to the other, spray your face, neck and decollete ensuring it completely wets your skin. Using a makeup pad or cotton ball, gently wipe your face – starting in the middle and travelling outwards. Move in a downward direction when wiping over the neck. For evening use, apply after cleansing and follow with your night time moisturising routine. For morning use, apply for a mild cleanse and follow with your daytime moisture routine. Reapply the mist throughout the day to rejuvenate tight, dry skin.
Our Organic Hydrating Rose Mist’s anti-inflammatory and calming nature will help to decrease blood-flow in surface capillaries – reducing redness and sensitivity. Expect to have your skin hydrated, toned, calmed, and the PH of your skin rebalanced, as your redness is reduced and soothed.
Organic Hydrating Rose Mist qualifies as a refrigerant for the skin. Its calming properties from the Organic Rose Extract gently soothe and cool down warm, red, sensitive skin types. The neutral nature of the mist helps to restore the balance of acidity (pH) in the face, which alongside its Anti-Elastase ability; tones and revitalises a soft, hydrated glow.

Customer Reviews

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Rose mist

Refreshing on my skin and smells beautiful

Beautiful Rose Mist

Gorgeous product that leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed in the morning. Has also been great for a quick mist before getting into bed at night.

Refreshing Toner

It refreshes the skin after cleansing and leaves the skin feeling soft.

Calming and hydrating

This has really calmed my skin and is amazingly hydrating on my dry skin type.

Rose floral extract

Having been using this product and the lavender extract for years. Refreshing and love the feel of my skin after use.