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Soothing Organic Chamomile Mist


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What is it?

A calming distillate of organic German Chamomile flowers gently calms and heals the skin whilst settling sensitivity and eczema. The purity of our Organic Soothing Chamomile Mist offers a perfect opportunity to replace your current harsh toner, with a natural and gentle alternative for your skin – hydrating, soothing and calming your face in preparation for your moisture routine.

perfect for

Sensitive, oily, acne-prone, redness-prone, and/or eczema-prone skin types.


Aqueous distillate of Organic German Chamomile Flowers.

Handmade in Australia. Not tested on animals.
Watch this video to learn how to use our Mist for your best results "Do I need to use a Mist?"


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Customer Testimonials

“So light and fresh and undoubtedly suits my skin.”

Cheryl Hannan
how to use
Working from one side of your face to the other, spray your face, neck and décolleté ensuring it completely wets your skin. Using a makeup pad or cotton ball, gently wipe your face – starting in the middle and travelling outwards. Move in a downward direction when wiping over the neck. For evening use, apply after cleansing and follow with your night time moisturising routine. For morning use, apply for a mild cleanse and follow with your daytime moisture routine.
This mist’s relieving nature will help calm the effects of eczema and/or unsettled skin whilst hydrating and settling the surface of your skin – mildly cleansing and toning your face. Our Chamomile Mist is also extremely beneficial in the case of an allergy or eczema flare up – simply spray our it directly over the reaction to sooth and cool your skin.
Our Organic Soothing Chamomile Mist qualifies as an anti-inflammatory for the skin whilst simultaneously being able to desensitise the face to any discomfort or pain. Its anti-allergenic properties can drastically reduce symptoms of allergic flare-ups and skin sensitivity – all whilst calming and hydrating the skin. Use this mist prior to moisturising.

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refreshing and soothing
Excellent product