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Calming Avo-Rose Cleansing Oil


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What is it?

A luxuriously rich blend of Avocado oil, Rose essential oil and Macadamia oil, deeply cleanses the skin whilst maintaining optimum hydration and nourishment. With a lush and nutritious formula, our Avo-Rose Cleansing Oil lifts makeup, dirt and bacteria whilst deeply nourishing your skin – leaving your face feeling healthy, soft, moisturised and radiant.

perfect for

Dry, mature, sensitive, pinkish, redness-prone, eczema-prone and/or damaged skin types.


Macadamia Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rose Damascus Essential Oil, Sandalwood East Indian Essential Oil.

Handmade in Australia. Not tested on animals
Watch this video to learn how to cleanse for your best results "How to night time cleanse with Annod"


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Customer Testimonials

“Makes my skin feel clean and hydrated. Lovely smell as well.”

Sonia Waller
how to use
Apply 6-8 sprays of into the palm of your hands and gently massage into a dry face in the evening before bed. Applying this cleansing oil on your dry skin ensures a deep clean of your oil glands – break down make-up, built-up dirt and dead skin cells after a long day. When cleansing, use circular motions with the pads of your fingers and a firm pressure, being sure to focus on your entire face. After massaging in circular motions on dry skin, start to apply water to the cleanser to ensure a deep clean of your sweat glands – break down all water-soluble particles and spend some time massaging your face to lift the remaining dirt and build-up out of your skin. Wash off with warm water and a face washer or cleansing sponge.
Effortlessly removes make-up and cleanses the skin with natural and healing ingredients. A rich and luxurious blend of oil removes dirt and leaves the skin feeling stronger with increased resilience to sensitivity– lessening overall redness. This oil cleanses the skin without stripping it of hydration, and instead, embeds nourishment throughout the entire surface.
Anti-inflammatory ingredients help to decrease blood-flow in surface capillaries – reducing redness and sensitivity. Our rich, luxurious oil will heal and regenerate your skin and leave your face feeling cooled and nourished.

Customer Reviews

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Calming Avo-Rose Cleansing Oil

This was my first time using an oil to cleanse with as I have always used a cleansing cream. I found this oil to be very effective in dirt and makeup removal and leaves my skin feeling clean and hydrated.


My face feels so fresh after cleansing using Avocado & Rose Oil.

Avocado and Rose cleansing oil

Makes my skin feel clean and hydrated. Lovely smell as well.


Cleanser that works ! Takes off makeup and leaves skin feeling clean and fresh.