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Anti-Aging Papaya Enzyme Extract


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What is it?

A cell-stimulator rich with antioxidants and vitamins, create the perfect formula to lift dead skin cells off the face and rejuvenate new ones. This Enzyme Extract contains Papaya puree powder – for evening the skin tone and smoothing the skin effortlessly. Our perfectly balanced formula stimulates the outer layers of your skin, whilst simultaneously providing a gentle lift - maintaining your youthful glow and radiance.

perfect for

All skin types, especially; sun-damaged, hyper-pigmented, oily, textured, thick and/or mature skin types.


Distilled water, Papaya fruit puree powder, Potassium Sorbate.

Handmade in Australia. Not tested on animals.
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Customer Testimonials

“I use this product daily for years. Love how it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft.”

Lynette Matthews
how to use
Apply a small amount (1-2 pumps) to the palms of your hands and press your hands together. Press the product into your face and neck until it has absorbed – being sure to reapply if the product absorbs too quickly. Use morning and night.
This Enzyme Extract will help to prevent pigmentation and maintain an even skin tone, whilst keeping your pores and skin texture smooth and radiant. Whilst gently lifting dead skin cells, cell-stimulating vitamins will give your face a gorgeous, natural lift on the surface and a boost of hydration. On top of this, the formula will provide additional protection against UV rays when used in combination with sunblock – resulting in a beautifully soft and hydrated face, maintaining its youthful integrity.
This enzyme gives the skin a natural lift and acts as a free-radical fighter. Whilst improving skin texture and stabilising oil production, this formula is collagen-boosting for the face and has rejuvenating properties that will leave you feeling refreshed, brighter and younger.

Customer Reviews

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10 out of 10

I love this product my skin feels smooth and soft I love the smell and love how lite it feels I have never had any bad reaction to Annod product and I have used them for year

A beautiful product

A beautiful product I use each day and night to refresh my skin. It’s very lightweight on and the skin absorbs it well, has made my skin tone more even and my soft in appearance

Papaya Enzyme Extract

I love using Papaya Enzyme Extract. I have sensitive skin and this product is very calming. Highly recommend all Annod products . Zita McNamee

Anti-aging Papaya Enzyme Extract

I love using this product as it leaves my skin feeling even and smooth. Having very sensitive skin that can react to a lot of other products, I have had no problems at all the the Annod range. The Papaya Extract calms my skin and leaves it feeling soft, I highly recommend it.

Anti aging papaya enzymes extract

Being a redhead I have very sensitive skin and i also suffer from roscea which means my face gets red & reacts badly to lots of products. Since i have been using Annod products especially this one my face is not as red so not only does it look better but it feels really good. Love this product.
Lynne Clancy