What skincare products your skin needs while on holidays.

Holiday packing is quite a task, and you probably end up overpacking – like the majority of us!

You find your suitcase is full and then you have to try and fit your toiletries on top.

Follow our guide with what skincare products to pack for your holiday skincare routine that don’t take up too much space and you come back with that holiday glow.

Holidays can be a great time to establish or re-establish your skincare routine if you have gotten out of your habit.

Quick trips tend to be filled with events or activities, so your skin needs extra specialty protection and hydration.

Keep your skincare routine to 4 products over the short stay-
Cleanser – always remove the day e.g.: sunblock, makeup, environmental pollutants

Mist – rehydrates the skin after cleansing and upon waking.

Leave On Collagen Mask – used both day and night as your moisturiser and will counter the drying effects of air-conditioning and that extra cocktail!

Anti-Aging Papaya Enzyme Extract – used both morning and night, will add protection from sun damage give the skin vitamins and lift & brighten your complexion, especially if it’s a busy time.


Longer stays often allow you either bath time or sometimes simply reading on the bed and is the perfect time for you and your skin to enjoy the benefits of a Clay Mask.

Keep your skincare routine to 7 products over the longer stay-

Mistrehydrates the skin after cleansing and upon waking.

Leave On Collagen Mask – use 3 nights in a row

Anti-Aging Papaya Enzyme Extract

Balancing Lavender Face Oil – hydrates protect and heals every skin type and is perfect under makeup

Firming Eye & Lip Oil – counteract puffiness in the eye area and protects lips.

Clay Mask – having time to enjoy our beautiful blend of clays that will leave your face calm, firm, smooth & moist – all whilst depositing vital vitamins and minerals into your skin.

If your holiday is going to be longer than 10 days, you will need to pack your exfoliant, keeping the healthy process of your skin eliminating toxins.

  • Leave-On Collagen Mask, 50mlLeave-On Collagen-Mask texture

    Leave-On Collagen Mask

  • Toning herbal décolletage oil, 30 mlAnnod's Toning Herbal Décolletage Oil Texture

    Toning Herbal Décolletage Oil

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  • Anti Aging Papaya Enzyme Extract, 50 mlTexture of Anti Aging Papaya Enzyme Extract,

    Anti-Aging Papaya Enzyme Extract

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