Follow Our Skincare Instructions – Soothe Me

  • Sale! Soothe Me routine for Sensitive skin types consisting of Soothing Organic Chamomile Mist, 100ml Nourishing Calendula Cleanser, 100ml Regenerative Organic Lavender Exfoliant, 30g Firming Pink Clay Mask, 40g Moisturising Rose Face Oil, 30mlNourishing Calendula Cleanser, 100 ml

    Soothe Me – Sensitive Skincare Routine

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This nourishing set for sensitive skin has been carefully curated to leave you feeling like you have a beauty salon at home.

Nourishing Calendula Cleanser

Cleansing at a deep level doesn’t need to be done morning and night – you only need to deep cleanse your skin in the evening to remove the day’s grime, make-up, and emotions of the day.

Step 1.

Apply onto your dry face, never a wet face, as this allows the cleanser to breakdown all the oil soluble particles (make-up, sunblock etc), dead cells and clean your oil glands. Using circular massage movements over the face you then start adding  water over the cleanser. The water will dissolve all the water-soluble particles and clean your sweat glands. Spend a few minutes massaging water over to lift all the dirt and make-up out of your skin.   

Step 2.

Wash off with your cleanser with a face washer or cleansing sponges to make sure all the days dirt has been removed completely.

TIP: When cleansing, use circular motions with the pads of your fingers to encourage your skin to excrete toxins and stimulate blood and lymphatic flow. And concentrate on cleansing the whole face rather than just the t-zone. 

Soothing Organic Chamomile Mist

For evening use, apply after cleansing and follow with your night-time moisturising routine. For morning use, apply for a mild cleanse and follow with your daytime moisture routine.  

Step. 1

Working from one side of your face to the other, spray your face, neck and   decolletage ensuring your skin becomes wet.    

Step 2.

Using a makeup pad or cotton ball, gently wipe your face – starting in the middle of your forehead and move outwards with firm pressure. Repeat on the other side. Move in a downward direction when wiping over the neck. And out towards your underarm over your decolletage. 

TIP *Reapply the mist throughout the day to hydrate and soothe—if wearing make-up spray from an arm’s length away. 

Moisturising Rose Face Oil

This luxuriant face oil penetrates deeply and helps to lock in moistures  Used as your moisturiser you will notice your skin calm and feel and look hydrated.   

Step 1.

Add 1 -2 pumps of  the face oil into the palm of your hand and rub your palms together.  

Step 2.

Press your palms into your face starting at the outside and moving inwards. Finish with an outward massage working with your fingertips from the middle of your face to the outside. 

TIP: Your skin may require 2 Pumps of Moisturising Rose Face Oil when you begin but as your skin becomes more hydrated, you will only need 1 pump. 


Regenerative Organic Lavender Exfoliant

This soft facial exfoliant will efficiently and effectively physically remove dead cells without harsh scrubbing. Weekly exfoliation keeps your skin cells turning over evenly and gives your skin an even healthy glow allowing your moisturiser and make up to sit better.                    

Step 1.

Apply approx. a 20cent sized amount of exfoliant into your palm & make it into a paste  by adding water. When the consistency allows you to rub your two palms together, apply to your clean dry face.

Step 2.

Using small firm circular movements work it all over your face. Keep adding water to your fingertips while massaging. Continue until the product becomes very milky. Wash off with sponges or face washer. 

TIP: Always include your face, throat, chest, hands & arms, as they always exposed to the elements. DO NOT GET WATER IN YOUR JAR. 

Firming Pink Clay  Mask

this soft Pink Clay Mask will leave your skin calm, hydrated and firmed all while depositing vital minerals back into your skin and reducing your redness. 

Step 1.

Apply a fine film of Pink Clay Mask over your face & throat with dry fingers or a mask brush.  

Step 2.

When completely dry, wet and soften your mask down, then wash off with sponges or face washer. 

TIP: As your skin strengthens and hydrates you can leave your Firming Pink Clay Mask on for longer time periods or overnight and wake up looking like you just had a beautiful facial.