Follow Our Skincare Instructions – Protect Me

  • Sale! Protect Me for Mature skincare routine consisting Hydrating Organic Rose Mist, Calming Avo-Rose Cleansing Oil, Regenerative Organic Lavender Exfoliant, Firming Pink Clay Mask and Repairing Avocado Face Oil.Calming Avo-Rose Cleansing Oil,100 ml

    Protect Me – Mature Skincare Routine

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These new rejuvenating, anti-aging products will leave you feeling like you have found an Elixir of Life for your skin.

1. Cleanse

Apply 6-8 pumps of Avo –Rose Cleansing Oil into the palm of your hands and massage over your dry face with your fingertips, massage over a few times using small circles with a firm pressure. Add water to your hands and massage the water over the cleansing oil – repeat this step 2 to 3 times. Using a face washer or sponges wash off the cleanser with warm water. 

*Never apply water to your face before your cleansing oil. 

2. Mist

Working from one side of your face to the other, spray Hydrating Organic Rose Mist over your face, neck, and decolletage ensuring you completely wet your skin. Using a makeup pad or cotton ball, gently wipe your face – starting in the middle of your forehead and travelling outwards, do one side of your face then repeat on the other side. Moving in a downward direction when wiping over the neck. 

 For evening use, apply after cleansing and follow with your night-time moisturising routine. For morning use, apply for a mild cleanse and follow with your daytime moisture routine.  

*Reapply the mist throughout the day to hydrate and  refresh -if wearing make-up spray from an arm’s length away. 

3. Exfoliate 

Place small amount of Regenerative Lavender Exfoliant in the palm of your hand and add water until it is a creamy paste, and you can massage your hands together. Apply to your face, throat and chest and massage over with wet fingertips in a small circular movement. Continue massaging until the exfoliant has turned milky .Using a wet face washer or sponges wash off. 

*Exfoliate your hands & arms to keep the skin and muscle toned. 

4. Mask

Apply Firming Pink Clay Mask with fingertips or a mask brush over your face throat chest. Wait until it dries and wash off with a wet face washer or sponges. 

*For a special event that you need your skin glowing leave the mask on for longer or even sleep in it overnight. If your skin is sensitive, gradually build up the time that you leave your mask on. 

5. Moisturise

Apply 1—2 pumps of Repairing Avocado Face Oil into the palm of your hand and   massage your two palms together. Press your palms into your face starting at the outside and moving inwards. Finish with an outward massage working with your fingertips from the middle of your face to the outside 

*Your skin will need less moisturising oil as it becomes hydrated. Your skin will send back any oil it doesn’t need, adjust the amount you use as your skin improves.