Spa Body Lifestyle Range. The ritual of spa dates back many centuries and now more than ever with all the stresses of modern day life these age old rituals are needed. These potent combinations of plant oils can bring back equilibrium to both the body and the mind. The products in the Spa Body Lifestyle Therapy range give the body a chance to unwind tight muscles and hectic minds. They will revive worn out energies all while providing skin optimum care. And provide manageable tools to assist in your own health and wellbeing.

Our Spa Body Lifestyle range includes:

Aromatic Soaking Salts
The select combination of Dead Sea Salts & Rock Salts provide a therapeutic soak to relieve not only physical tension and muscular aches but has the power to provide relief for the central nervous system assisting often overworked internal energies. Discover a healthier, younger more vital you by spending time on your own wellness.

Aromatic Body Wash
These therapeutic Body Washes contain NO Sodium Laurel Sulfate and therefore do not dry out the skin, unlike most foaming body washes. With the magic addition of Grapeseed Oil providing valuable Anti-Oxidants for the skin, these washes leave the skin soft and moisturised whilst providing an enjoyable cleanse for the body and mind.

Aromatic Body Therapy Oils
These energetic pure body oils provide balance for the body and the mind. They can be used to enjoy the art of massage or added to a bath. Worn as a daily therapeutic body moisturiser they will provide valuable lifestyle benefits. Or enjoy them as a nightly regime to allow the body and mind complete rest.