Clay masking and skin polishing. The maximum benefit for your skin will come from your maximum effort and the fastest way to achieve smooth moist skin is by incorporating exfoliating and masking into your regular skincare routine.

Masking intensively treats and supplies vital nutrients and minerals to the skin while softening and relaxing the surface. Clay masks increase blood and lymphatic circulation – creating clearer, fresher complexions. When the skin needs extra treatment, masking always provides the
additional care the skin needs.

Skin polishing: The build-up of dead cells contribute to blocked pores, deeper etched lines, uneven skin colour, and dull, sallow looking skin. The soft polishing effect of our unique Almond Meal base against the skin releases the almond milk and has a hydrating and
softening effect on the skin which is unlike so many exfoliants that leave the skin red, blotchy and uncomfortable.