Do you know how to manifest everything you desire?
Manifesting is a word that you might be seeing and hearing a lot lately, but it certainly is not a new phenomenon.
Manifesting is traced back to Buddhism and has been written about in many books and movies. You may have heard of it through different names such as “asking your angels”,  “law of attraction” or creative visualisation.
Though whatever the name, the steps to manifesting are always the same. 

By thought, the thing you want is brought to you; by action, you receive it.

Wallace Delois Wattles.


We contribute toward the creation of every condition in our lives, good and bad, with our thinking & feeling patterns. It is our mental atmosphere in which we operate, and which attracts us to our experiences.

So, to manifest something that you desire is about asking. Asking is always reaching out, an opening on our part and this in return makes us ready to receive. 

Holding the vision of the best possible outcome you will encourage and magnetise the energy of what you desire to flow in your direction.



1. Intention
Be truly clear and specific in what you desire – which can be something new or for a change in your life. Take a few minutes to imagine yourself having it…try and use as many senses as you can.
In Ray Holliwell’s book Working with the Law, he pointed out “No desire is felt until the supply is ready to appear”. 

2. Commitment to having it
This is where you need to be unwavering on your decision so the universe can provide your desire.
You have got to be sure and experience conviction that you can have it.

3. Faith & Belief
Banish the “fear” that you feel and know that what you desire is part of your divine plan.
Visualising, affirming out loud, writing it down, any activity that establishes your desire in the physical realm.

4. Gratitude
Giving thanks for the manifestation as if it has already happened.
And be generous in your thanks for what you do, what you have, and everything that you have in your life.

5. Environment & Action
You need to have your environment so that it matches your thoughts and desires. Your physical, intellectual, relationship, and business environments should be what you want to achieve out of life.
To get to where you want you must take the right actions. Decluttering is always beneficial to let in the things you desire.

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There is a power within each of us that can direct us to our perfect health, perfect relationship, perfect careers, which can bring us the prosperity of every kind.
To have these things we must believe first that they are possible. And you must be willing to release the patterns in our lives that are creating conditions we do not want.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us

Marianne Williamson.