Our Philosophy

Annod seeks to care for each skin, by creating salon-grade products, naturally.

   Our Australian Natural Skincare Brand is made from the highest quality ingredients sourced from the earth to create products that work with your skin’s systems.

From the knowing what your skin needs, the natural ingredients, the batch-by-batch hand-making process, the love and the care embedded into each product, we aim to create a skincare range that will defy age, protect from the elements, and induce health and radiance.

We want to share knowledge to teach women how to look after themselves and their body using natural ingredients. Over time, we have come to believe that using toxic, chemical ridden products are somehow better for our skin than the age-old beauty secrets our mothers taught us. We have come to ridicule the potency of natural ingredients and rely on whatever ‘looks’ like it might work.

Annod brings it all back. We aim to show women that natural products are just as, and if not more potent than chemical ones – and all clients need is to find the right product for them. Choosing the right, natural skincare regime will help our community engage with their skin and be more mindful to its responses. Our products will teach you self-care in its purest form.

Our Natural Integrity

Our integrity as a brand starts with our ingredients. We choose to keep our products honest, simple and effective by including only natural ingredients. We have taken the time to dig deep and discover what active energy lies within nature, as opposed to using the ‘quick-fix’ of chemical ‘fillers’. Every ingredient is intricately chosen and is in its most potent form, to ensure radiant results for all.

Handmade in small batches, we maintain simplicity in our products and their structure – utilising various natural oils in the range to eliminate the use of heavy, chemical-ridden creams. This allows for brighter, more lustrous and overall healthier skin – amongst all skin types.

Our Creating

Annod skincare is handmade in small batches in Australia. Using natural ingredients, our products are in their most natural and potent form to ensure the best possible results of radiance for your skin.

You can rest assured that we have your skin in mind through each step of the development process. All of our products were developed with the deepest care by skincare professionals – not big laboratories.

Our creator

Donna Ireland, Beauty Therapist, is the founder and creator of Annod.

I created Annod to embody my passion of looking after women and teaching them to care for themselves and my wish for the brand is to offer natural skincare products that actually work. I wanted to create something that strays from the traditional toxicity and carelessness of mass-manufactured skincare products with salon-grade natural ingredients and results you can see and feel.

As a teenager, I became passionate about finding creative ways to care for myself. Age-old beauty rituals fascinated me, and I spent my days shampooing in beer, applying egg whites to my face, and bathing in oats. The fact that I could use such simple, natural products to care for my body brought me immense satisfaction – and that love for simplicity and purity is now embodied in Annod.

Throughout my lifetime, I have attained over 30 years of hands-on experience in the Beauty Industry as a spa owner and an educator in the field of holistic beauty therapy – specialising in skincare. I have taught & studied in Europe, Asia and Australia, and it has brought me so much joy to see the effect that good, pure products can have on a woman’s confidence. It is with the utmost pride, that I present the embodiment of my commitment and passion – our natural range of Annod Natural Skincare products.

Our Tailoring

We take immense care in each process our brand is involved in – from intricately blending ingredients to create products for every skin type, right down to helping you choose the right product for your skin. You’ll find Annod’s range not only includes, but offers an abundance of products for a multitude of skin types. Each of our products are labelled with a unique key to suit a particular need or needs, so we make it extremely easy to choose the right product for you!

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